Developer Projects

Lowering the Redlinee on a Chevy Cavalier using M2 [Developer Projects] (4)
Updating M2RET firmware to support redirection [Developer Projects] (5)
Convert two characters to one byte [Developer Projects] (7)
Display used to show OBD2 details [Developer Projects] (10)
SavvyCAN update ( 2 3 ) [Developer Projects] (40)
SavvyCAN documentation [Developer Projects] (1)
Savvy CAN low speed GMLAN (SWCAN) "hack" ( 2 ) [Developer Projects] (24)
How to activate an external switch? [Developer Projects] (6)
Multi-message OBD2 payload [Developer Projects] (4)
Raspberry Pi Wiring and Libraries? [Developer Projects] (12)
Connecting MCP2515 Controller Bus Module to Break-out Board [Developer Projects] (1)
Single-wire CAN (MCP2515) library [Developer Projects] (6)
Finding projects that need help [Developer Projects] (2)
openXC support? [Developer Projects] (6)
Known Issue/Feature request tracking thread ( 2 ) [Developer Projects] (21)
In dire need of a Macchina developer module (will purchase or "frient") [Developer Projects] (14)
Help wanted - Automatic CAN Baud detection [Developer Projects] (11)
M2RET Enhancements + M2_WIFI/BTE & ELM327 Support/Emulation [Developer Projects] (9)
Help wanted - how low can you go? [Developer Projects] (16)
Project Idea: BTLE proximity automation (unlock/lock/start/stop) [Developer Projects] (1)
Polarity Marker on Top and Bottom Board [Developer Projects] (3)
Project Idea : Add "missing" features to 2016 Kia Sorento [Developer Projects] (3)
12V GPIO on the back of the interface card [Developer Projects] (7)
Project Idea: M2 as DVR for in-vehicle cameras? [Developer Projects] (7)
User Interface, Integration, and Automation [Developer Projects] (10)
Project Idea: Lock/Unlock doors over CAN ( 2 ) [Developer Projects] (22)
Beta M2 Dev - Telemetry/analytics [Developer Projects] (20)
Project Idea: Fuel status report to home automation system [Developer Projects] (3)
Beta M2 Dev project [Developer Projects] (3)
Project Idea: 10th Gen Civic body controls and info over CAN [Developer Projects] (1)