Connyct - Realtime dashboard ( )

Hi All,

We have developed a realtime dashboard that works with macchina.
Connyct is currently in private beta. However, macchina users will have access right away. If you need access please request an invite at and send me an email at with your email address and I will send you an invitation right away.

Here is what Connyct can do for you:

  1. Visualize your data in cool widgets
  2. Manipulate your incoming data (for example, convert incoming temperature from 'C to 'F or some other conversion)
  3. You can perform action based on your data (for example if speed is greater than 100 send me an email) -> under development.

4. Future Features:
4.a. Phone App
4.b. Will work with other Iot devices
4.c. Make a commercial device out of macchina with a custom dasboard / phone app etc.

We are very excited about macchina users trying out our IoT platform and look forward to receiving feedback.
And last and the most important thing: its FREE.
I hope everyone enjoys using macchine + connyct.

To get started:


connyct looks like a very interesting project. Having looked on the web site, purchased the WiFi board, and downloaded the M2 sketch, I’m wondering about the prerequisites to get the software running. Compiling the sketch is clearly looking for other packages before it will compile.


Pete N


Been sending too many emails to for activating my invitation with no reply, what is required to get my invitation? I already add my email to and received my M2.


Seems their website is down now too

I have sent a couple emails asking for password to website with no response too…

Apologies for this - we are working with the developers at Connyct to resolve this. We’ll post something here once we have something.

What´s up with connyct??? Their Website is totally offline!!?? Are they out of business? If so, what happened to their dashboard project? Any open source code available? If they are down and out is there any contact info?

Thanks, I am very interested in what they started here and I may have an application for their code.

Please contact me at: or via WhatsApp at +52 (744) 208-0985

We actually just recently chatted with the developer. Their team got busy on other projects and is now coming back to Connyct. It sounds like we can expect to start seeing new developments on this project soon.

The site is still down and I never heard back from them. Is there any other options for this service?