How to get ABS speed through CAN

As I know that ABS speed is 10 times more accurate than transmission speed. But how to get ABS speed through ECU? Can anyone provide solution?

If your going to do that you might want to try pulling all of the sensors and averaging them. But then again, I don’t know if the tire size is going to be calculated from them. But you would have to find the PID’s for them unless someone else has already pulled those.


Hi Rodney,
Nice to know you and thanks for your suggestion.
For this case, I don’t want to do anything with tire sensors. I want to get ABS speed directly from OBDII CAN.
Is it possible, or do you know where to buy this product?

Sorry I means the speed sensors not the tire sensors. They are available from the ABS module but just depends on what codes they are. As I mentioned before they may not be scaled to the proper speed.

Still would average them since they would be off a little. You could grab just one but when going around corners or turns they would be off a little from side to side and from front to back. May only be 1 or 2 MPH but it is something to be aware of. But I would think averaging all 4 together would take care of any issues.