As part of a project i’m working I needed a 3rd dual wire can bus so off I went.

Don’t be to critical, it’s not perfect. I didn’t take the time to make a new transceiver footprint as the TI one I’m going to use is the same size as the MCP. I’ve never used this chip and think the resistor value is wrong. I can change that at build time for the RS pin. It works for the MCP so I’ll see. They don’t have DIP so I ordered an extra to put on a break out board I have. That way I can properly test all the values before making the boards. The MCP2515 is smaller than I’m used and had to shrink down the crystal as well. I stuck with 803 resistors and such because I have stock.

I added a proper TE automotive header for the connector so I can pin and use a proper plug. The plugs aren’t that big but considering the size of the XBEE it was fairly large. I had to make a footprint for it but I’m no pro on eagle cad but think it should all work out. Probably another week for everything and the boards to arrive and we’ll see how it plays out.

I’ve had at least one person ask if I knew of something like this.