Display used to show OBD2 details


Can you share what display are you using to show info from Macchina?

I will use Macchina to show more details of my car (I have the cheapest version of Toyota Yaris, and it only show basic info on the display), so I have in mind to use Macchina and auxiliar Display to get more details from OBD2 interface.

Do you already used this display?

If you have other suggestion, please let me know.

That’s kind of a neat idea you’ve got there. But, so far I, along with seemingly everyone else, have been using a PC connected to the M2 to display any information. Obviously that’s not a winning idea if you hope to drive around with it as a secondary gauge. So, what you want to do is a good idea and very useful. I want to see this happen. I’ll help out as much as I can.

Since the M2 has an OBDII plug on the end of it it’ll be on the OBDII port and you’ll need to route a cable from there to the display wherever you put it. This can present a little bit of a problem as most communications buses that work with displays are really meant for extremely short distances. The cable might present a little bit of difficulty because of the length and cable quality. The comm bus should be switched to SPI from the 8 bit signals it will come with. You can do this with a soldering iron so no big deal. Then, use a quality cable and the shortest distance you can. This should allow you to run the OLED monitor to somewhere you can actually see and then program the M2 to grab relevant data and display it.

Wouldn’t you be better off using the 26 pin connector on the other end of the M2 as SPIO signals are present on this connector as well as 3V & then it would be a simple plug in setup. Not sure if the on board 3V regulator could supply enough power for the display if not there is 5V as well as 12V available. If using the 12V supplied through the ODBII connector one could then use one of the 12VIO outputs to turn ON/OFF the power regulator that would need to be built into the OLED display thus enabling the OLED to go to sleep when the ignition is turned OFF.
This opens up a huge number of possibilities for the M2 & not just using an OLED display.
I 2 really would like to see this happen.

I didn’t mean to suggest that one wouldn’t use the 26 pin connector. You plug the M2 into the OBDII port and make a cable from the other side to your OLED. It seems like it should work. I like the idea of being able to use the M2 to turn the screen on/off with the ignition.

Hi everybody!

As I know, Macchina M2 Processor is an Arduino Due, right?
If I´m right, I think will be easy to connect a display on it… I think.

I put an order of M2, but it´s still “pending”… Lets see better when it arrive.

Well it isn’t exactly an Arduino Due but it uses the same processor. So, sketches that target abilities on the Due like reading the ADC or using CAN or I2C will work essentially the same on the M2.

So, maybe I can remove the Processor Board and replace it by an Arduino?

Well, I suppose you can do anything you want but it doesn’t like a great plan to me. What are you looking to do, use some sort of Arduino shield? Tell yourself no. You can’t use shields. You can only use xbee compatible boards on the M2. You should be able to use the connector on the other side from the OBDII plug to connect to an OLED display without any need for a shield.

Hi Guys
I have been experimenting on the Macchina M2 with a 2.4 SPI OLED from Bangood Link below.
This same 2.4 inch can be obtained from many other supplier on EBay as well.

I have created a demonstration routine https://github.com/TDoust/M2_Oled to show some of the features from the library U8g2 from olikras https://github.com/olikraus/U8g2_Arduino.
Another great library can be obtained from https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_SSD1306

Connection diagram for connecting the SPI OLED to the connector J5 located under the SD card interface

Some of you may find the OLED display useful for some of your projects

Here are some other options too. I have one and should try to see if I can actually interface it into the M2.


I have their 4.2" display

Basically it would use the UART port since it is a serial display with touch screen.

With this display you just connect GND, +5 (for power) and tx/rx.

It is a touch screen.

So basically you design the screens you want with related variables and upload to this display. The M2 then would just interact with that display. You could easily build a display to work with some application for your M2 and use one of these as an interface for it. Then all you do is read variables, set variables or change screens etc…

With other projects I am working on I do NOT have time to setup a demo but this is another cheap interface that would be easy to add with very little overhead once connected.