Connecting MCP2515 Controller Bus Module to Break-out Board


I’m quite new to electronics, but have a software development background. I purchased your break-out board in hopes of getting a Raspberry Pi Zero W talking with my vehicle. Also following some suggestions from this post I decided to purchase this controller module for my Pi. I have the module working with my Pi and have done some tests on it to verify that I can send and receive data from it.

The controller module has two connectors running off of it. A CAN high and a CAN low. Which appears to be what I would typically connect to the OBD2 pins. I would still like to use the break-out board if possible for this project.

Looking at your schematics I see that the ODB2 pins that I would typically connect the Pi to are the HSC_BUS+ and HSC_BUS-.

These map to the CANTX0 and CANRX0 ports on the break-out board.

Like I said, I’m fairly new to electronics, so I’m asking if it would be problematic if I connected the controller to these ports.

Any suggestions are helpful.