Lowering the Redlinee on a Chevy Cavalier using M2

I have my M2 hardware and would like to use it to lower the redline on my 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier.

My thoughts are, I need to install a reverse engineering tool, like M2RET, then plug it into the car and my computer, and see what flips when I hit redline.

Does this sound about right?
Where can I find the latest/best RET? Is M2RET the one to use?
How do I learn the script needed to move the redline? I have installed a couple of practice scripts on my M2 but those were pre-written blocks. I am guessing there is not a pre-written block for 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier redlines. Is this a language? I know enough PHP and C# to get myself in trouble but Im guessing neither are the language of cars.

Other thoughts?



You need a tuner program such as hptuner. M2 won’t begin to help you out with flashing a new program to your PCM
Even if you could read and write the flash program you would need an editor to edit the flash file.

The M2 is the wrong tool for this job…

So what is the right tool? Where can I go to learn about what I need?

Thank you.


Please re-read my first message as I answered this question already in my very first sentence.