Amazon FreeRTOS

Can we use the M2 board with Amazon FreeRTOS?

FreeRTOS itself does support the Cortex M3 so that’s a start. The Amazon FreeRTOS version adds support for their cloud network. But, by default the M2 has no internet connectivity so there’s nothing to gain from the Amazon version of FreeRTOS. However, the SuperB has an ESP32 on-board and that both supports (well, you almost certainly have to use FreeRTOS as their whole ecosystem is built around it) FreeRTOS and has internet. So, the ESP32 would almost certainly be supported by Amazon FreeRTOS. So, you could get the best of both worlds by using a SuperB on top of an M2. Except of course that the SuperB isn’t publicly available yet. Or you could use vanilla FreeRTOS on the M2.

Thanks for the reply. The end goal is to have a 4G connection on the M2 and then use MQTT pub sub to send and received messages to the can bus. When the SuperB is released ill explore that option as well.

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