M2 power draw before start


So now that it’s getting cold again, I’ve decided I should finish my remote start via SMS.

Was doing some testing and wanted to see what would happen when left plugged in all night.

I have it programmed that if I send the M2 a text message requesting a status, it will send back (among other things) the vehicle voltage and output load.

So when I plugged it in and asked for a status, I got 11.35V and 110.00mA draw. 10 hours later, it sent me 11.24V and 109.00mA. This is obviously a problem if I want my truck to start after a few days…

So I started reading about power saving. The one thread I found is a little out of date:

But after messing around a bit, I took it to my truck to test some more. This time however, I had the key in with the accessories turned on. When the M2 was able to connect, the draw dropped down to 0.00mA. All night the voltage barely dropped.

I’m clearly happy with this, so I don’t really have any questions on it, but has anyone else noticed this? Is this expected behaviour?