Headers (24 and 26 Pin)

I’m trying to make the M2 into a supplemental Vehicle control module that will drive my Jeep’s old cluster, run the radiator fan, and provide some status via a small LCD. I need to install the M2 in an enclosure and wire everything to a sealed automotive style connector. I plan on making a separate “connector” board, and would like to install similar headers to link the M2 with the Connector board. What type of connector are these headers (Digikey Part Number)?

Do they make the M2 interface headers with a better locking mechanism. I’m concerned that the stock M2 headers won’t survive the vibration present in a leaf sprung vehicle. I suspect they will become disconnected while driving, then my cluster and radiator fan will stop working. I plan on using glue to keep the connector in place, but would like the linking connector on my board to be more robust if possible.

I really like the M2. It does everything I need, but those headers are complete junk for an under-the-hood application. Does Macchina make something with decent headers? Optimally, it would host a 34 or 32 pin ECU style connector. In addition, having connectors on opposite ends of a circuit board is general bad for EMI. I’m no expert in that area, but that’s a general guideline that I’ve heard.

Hey @levinemr. Take a look at this posting from a while back. It should have Digikey links to connectors for the 26 pin side. The 24 pin versions part numbers will be similar.

Your plan to use glue or some other mechanical means of securing the connector sounds good.

I encourage you to post up some photos or a short write up of your Jeep project when done!