Beta M2 Dev project

Got the shipping email for my M2 Dev unit today, and figured it was a good time to post. I’m planning on using the M2 in my '16 Ford Fiesta, I’m really hoping to be able to work with the steering wheel media control buttons and the digital dash display, being able to easily track other stats would also be great, the elm based adapters can only handle so much.

Goal is to have the M2 working along side a laptop at first, then probably pair it up with a Pi Zero W for more compute power, storage, and wireless access all in one.

Got my shipping notice last night. I am looking to connect to a RPI myself so I am sure there are others too.

There’s a good chance I’ll be using a PiZW in my final implementation too, but we’ll see what ends up happening since I also have an unused C.H.I.P. lying around!