Availability of M2


I am looking for some clarification on the status of the M2.

I want to buy an UTH unit, but they are “backordered”. So they are still being produced, or you gathering enough orders to have some made or … ?

Estimated shipping: 30-60 days … so does that mean I will receive one in 1-2 months, or you will be sending them out in 1-2 months?



Here’s a summary of the email I got back from the company, for those interested.

We are currently still at a 20-30 day lead time for M2. We are at the beginning stages of our production run, which is moving more slowly than we anticipated. We expect to be shipping our first backordered M2s in around 30 days. Shipping takes only a few days whether it is a domestic or international shipment (not counting any customs delays).