2017 GM HMI Calibration / VIN setting

what other forum is @th3magpi3 flashing

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You have to send 0x07, 0xAE, 0x2a, 0x80 multiple times you will get a 31 error every time until it accepts it with a 78. If any one needs programming our company can do it. NavRepair.com and Infotainment.com we have bench setups for all gm units 2007-2019. I am trying to crack the IOB seed key. Also the new 18-19 radios have same seed key as the IOBs. Pain in my ass!!!

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Because he’s making money in the GM-truck forums reflashing HMI modules as we speak, which is good, gives CW some competition.

What features get left out? I know magpie was able to get the 2016s running on the 2018 firmware so they can have wifi updates and the store and all that, do you think that he flashed the HMI with a 2018 VIN and all with SPS, also unlocking the new features via the update, and then cleared the VIN on the bench? This is the only thing I can think of.

I found an intersting PDF (https://www.scribd.com/doc/85336952/Interpreters-April-01-2011)
“Service Programming System (SPS) Interpreter Programmers Reference Manual”

Specially the section -Step $11 “Part 2” – Write the VIN

Says that link is not valid.

Hmm, direct link to the download doesn’t work on Scribd. Edited the original post, should work now.

I believe he’s referring to this one. But it’s from 2011

Anyone looked at the content on this page? Is this of any use?

Think you could program the module on the bench with the wrong VIN in SPS, then update the VIN using the details above?

SPS does not allow Bench programming anymore, it will show a message (Offboard programming detected!) and some people report having their accounts being suspended for that.

any way to upload programming if you have the files from TIS and know the seed key? or do offboard programming?

I believe the 2017 Global TIS had SPS included but not sure if it works for all GM line or Just for European.

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Hi there, I’m new here.
I might be helpful with researching of reprogramming the HMI modules
Does anyone here got SPS access?
I only got GME access but no GM NAO
On the GME HMI units the VIN doesnt get written by SPS.
Only the binary blobs get block transferred and those (as it seems) are signed by GM
After reprogramming, the programming date (DID 99) and Shopcode (DID 98) get written.

Didnt GlobalTIS go till early 2012 ?
Last version with SPS that I know of was v32b
The very last version was 45 but no where to be found.

I have SPS access for my vehicles. I have since traded the 2017 Camaro RS that I was attempting to program for. My solution was programming it in my 2017 ZL1 using it’s data while physically installed in the ZL1. After programming, I moved it to the 2017 RS. What do you need from SPS?

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

talk about bringing back the dead, was this ever figured out i know now there are many websites that figured it out and offer programming still want to figure this out as a pass time

Hey Tazzi,
Have you got an email address I could contact you on please??