Zero timestamps on SWCAN on GM vehicle

Hello, I was doing some testing a while back with the SWCAN on GM vehicles and I noticed that when logging the received frame timestamp, I always get zero. This makes it difficult to properly order received frames and to correctly interpret them according to their time of receipt rather than time of processing.

Has anyone else observed such an occurrence, either with SWCAN, GM vehicles, or the combination of the two? Thanks!

I can’t say I have anything super helpful for you here, but I am curious what generation/vehicles you were working with? And what systems were you tapped into? Was it just the OBD2 port? And looking into the body system, the overall canbus?

That’s a particularly interesting problem. Makes me wonder

Yes I think it is quite interesting. I was using the GM LAN low speed bus (33.3 KHz) via the SW CAN library in a 2019 Cadillac XT5. I used a UTD Macchina M2 via the OBD port.