Would this work? CANbus poking Lexus with Techstream and sniffing with SaavyCAN at the same time

I have a 2007 Lexus GS450h hybrid that I’m planning to use as a donor car for an EV conversion.

The car is complete and working but I want to catalog as much of the CANbus data for future integration and control purposes before taking the car apart.

My plan is to use the OBDii splitter cable to connect Techstream to a laptop as well as SaavyCAN at the same time.

Techstream is Toyota’s diagnostic software which is capable of triggering the car’s controls and devices on command such as Hazard Lights or Warning Buzzer etc. However it does not display what CAN commands are being issued or being returned.

I want to issue the commands with Techstream and listen and capture the CANbus data with SaavyCAN and a Macchina M2 on the OBDii splitter cable. Ideally on the same laptop with different USB ports, but possibly on separate laptops if that won’t work.

What I’d like to know is if this setup would be expected to work or if there’s something fundamental I’m missing.


Should work fine. I have done the same sort of thing with GM. Run a known diagnostic device with SavvyCAN and M2 in parallel. The Device ID will be specific for the diagnostic device so it should be reasonably easy to track how to do things. You may have to play with it for a while to get it right. SavvyCAN also allows you to inject code back into the data stream so you can try to mimic commands once you think you have figured it out. This way you can go through different steps and learn how to apply stuff.

One thing to make sure. CANBUS was not required in cars prior to 2008 if I recall properly so make sure your Lexus definitely is using CANBUS.

Thanks for the reply. I just assumed it would be CANbus. I guess I’ll find out pretty soon. I ordered the M2 and splitter cable.

If you have a generic tool its software SHOULD be able to tell you what protocol it is using. Somewhere. I know when I use a ScanTool dongle with their software it certainly does.
Thats what I use to see what it is doing. I have some other modules that can track traffic that will tell you what protocol it is too. I hope to spend some time getting the M2 driver back up and running during my winter break and try getting it so I can work on the P1 drivers as well.