What M2 Device, UTH or UTD?


Hello, Can anyone please tell me if the UTD M2 would support connecting to a GM Hs-can Directly via the 26 pin harness add on? Basically I’m looking to connect direct to a Gm module so to isolate the traffic from the rest of the Vehicle. I’m unsure if the UTD M2 can accomplish this? Could i power the device by plugging it into the OBD port and not have it sniff the HS_can form the port but rather from the add on 26 pin connector direct to the Module i’m working on?

Or can the UTD be powered via USB cable from Laptop and then tap direct to the Module in question? or do i need to use the UTH version.

Any help to clear up my confusion with the M2’s versions would be appreciated before i purchase an M2.



I could be wrong, but I don’t think GM isolates traffic. You should probably indicate which vehicle you’re asking about.


If your goal is to isolate a certain device (probably to have it on one CAN bus on the M2, the rest of traffic on the other CAN bus, and be able to filter or allow traffic through) then you should probably use the UTH version. In that version there’s a harness you can then directly wire into things. You could probably power it either via USB or by tapping the power to the GM module you are isolating. The UTD version is really meant to plug into the OBDII port and you aren’t going to be isolating anything that way.


Yes, My plan is to isolate the one module on a bench. The module in question is for a 2018 Colorado and is called the Chassis control module. The module is new and was with out any firmware but i have manage to flash it with Firmware from another VIN. ( why not flash with my own VIN you ask? cause the Vehicle never came with this option) Now my portion begins in trying to get into the Module and Wipe the Vin and replace it with my Vin so when connected back to my vehicle its the correct Vin. I’m not entirely sure if this will work or not, this the fun part…

Thanks Collin for the explanation of the M2’s I’ll be sure to get the UTH version. I’m fairly new to this and still trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. I’m mainly interested in just this module for my project.