Welcome to the Macchina Development Forum (READ ME)


Hello Team,

Welcome to the Macchina community! The main purpose of this community will be to provide a place for Macchina project users to collaborate and keep everyone up to date on their projects. As more people get access to hardware the community will grow and start to cover more than just development. Everyone should feel free to give Developers feedback and help when appropriate.

Join us! Create an account here.

This Forum is in the early stages of development, so we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Let us know how you want to see the forum work and be organized. We will post a topic for that here.

Are you are just getting started and have basic car hacking questions? We would advise you to direct those to a bigger, more general purpose questions to a community like r/CarHacking for now.

Do you have M2 hardware and want to start some car hacking? Here are a few places that you will need as you start working with M2 Hardware:

Please let us know if you can’t find any particular piece of information. Thanks!




With some of the protocols they are listed as needing work. Can you provide what type of work still needs to be done? I have a vehicle with j1850 VPW and I am very much looking forward to using this. I haven’t programmed an arduino yet but I am curious about the design of the firmware and how I can help to make the j1850 VPW protocol complete? I am sure others will be interested in how to help with other protocols so I am thinking it would be a good topic to have going. It looked like Canbus and maybe SWLAN were well developed?

Thanks! Can’t wait to grab mine and start hacking…



Macchina Gods - Forum is only letting 3 replies to a thread. Why?
Makes it hard to brainstorm ideas with others and come up with solutions.