Upcoming conferences

Hey guys if anyone is going to any security conferences let me know. Next month I’ll be at Bsides MCO, Cyphercon, Bsides Iowa, Bisdes SF and RSA. I would love to meet up and grab a beer. Also if you know of any good conferences to go to I’m all ears.

Maybe we should make and Events Category or Sub Category. Between all the Automotive, Security, and Hardware events out there we have a lot to consider.

This is what Will looks like BTW:
We should have some sort of reward for spotting him in the wild at a conference.

How about if you post a candid photo of him on here we will make him buy you a drink. Hopefully that doesn’t drain the piggy bank. We will give it a try and see if anyone takes us up on it.

A few of us are going to be at IoT fuse in Minnesota next Thursday (May 3rd). I’m sure Will is going to be up to no good at some other conference.

I’m going to be getting ready for the car hacking village at Thotcon!

Wow.,… Will cleans up nicely! :joy:

Yeah not bad all things considered. Will we should probably try to find a way to make part of your conference list more public. Everyone I show it too finds it helpful.