STEP Files for CAD/CAM?


Do you guys have the STEP files for the assembled M2? It would be super helpful to be able to design enclosures and visualize fit for add on boards.


Good idea! We’ll post up the latest Release version STEP files to Github repo soon.


Awesome, thanks for the quick response! I want to design a plug in speaker module for the under-dash version, and want to be able to see how far it would stick out under my dash.


Is there a timeline to add these files to the github repo?


Jeff, We’ll get those posted next week for sure. Maybe you have some suggestions about exactly what to put together? We were thinking:

  • STEP file of UTD version Interface board
  • STEP file of UTH version Interface board
  • STEP file of just the processor board

Edrawings models of entire assemblies maybe?

Either way, we’ll get something posted soon.


I’d be looking for STEP files for both the processor board and interface board for the Under the dash version to help support engineering workflows. The models would frankly be more useful than the e-drawings (ie, I can test fitment with a CAD file, more difficult to do with a drawing). And if I do need a drawing, its easy to get from the STEP (or Solidworks) file.


Just added STEP files of M2 to repo here:

Note that the “M2_INTERFACE” file has both the UTD and UTH connectors - you’ll need to hide/delete/suppress the connector you don’t need.