Site/wiki help available

Are you guys looking for help on the site? I’d be willing to contribute some of my time to help out with stuff like building the wiki/guides page or fixing issues like broken links/images.

I’ve been late to getting my M2 in my car due to some moving and other unexpected life stuff, but I’m getting started with it and would love the additional opportunity to contribute to the community!

Any chance we can get the images working on the guide pages? Most images appear to be broken (for example:

I’m trying to figure out the pin out for the 24/26 pin connectors so that I can pin them in and get started but I’m having a difficult time finding documentation for what’s pinned where.

That’s a cool idea and thanks for offering. As you have noticed the Guide is lacking right now. Part of the problem is we switched hosting and that broke all of the images. We want the docs to eventually be top notch. Soon that will become the main priority.

We will think about how we can set things up to allow people like you to help contribute. I’ll PM you when I know more on that.

Concerning the macchina web presence, what are the intentions for I had been contemplating opening an issue in the repo; but, seeing this thread, I though here may be a better place.

We’ll most likely use to host the core files for the “Board Manager” feature with the Arduino IDE. Stay tuned for an update on that subject.

We’ll be using for all of our documentation, tutorials, etc. This will be a continuous work in progress, and we hope to start a big push on this effort in the coming weeks. Let us know if you are interested in helping!

In the meantime, feel free to post questions and issues on this forum. Thanks!

I maintain a few Jekyll-based sites, so can probably to help with getting that set-up and organized if that would be helpful. As far as content, I would not currently be of any help.

@dohmez If you are still interested in helping out, you can now contribute at!