SIM5360 Cellular Bee Module (Freematics) or Digi XBee?


Hi there!
Just wanted to buy Macchina M2 (Under-the-hood). I trying to make an app which would control my GM car through internet.
I couldnt find any topics about SIM5360 for M2. Is it plug-and-play?
Which one do You prefer? Digi XBee 3G module, or SIM5360? Is Digi’s module carrier locked to them, or can I use any sim card (like Vodafon or Telekom)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I would recommend Digi Xbee LTE or 3G (if your international) module they are not carrier locked unless it says it is only for a specific carrier. You can use any sim but you need to make sure the carrier you are using matches the available bands that the modem has.