SGM bypass / OBD II power question

Hey, so I bought a bypass for the secure gateway, it wasn’t right for my vehicle so I’m improvising with the installation. I’m plugging it into the star connector behind the glove box, so basically I’ll have a bypassed obd ii port in my glove box.

The issue I have is power. I have aux wiring available. See link below, but I intend on hooking the obd ii to the acc/ignition wire which is a 10A source. Is this suitable for the macchina p1 or should I be doing something to that before feeding it to pin 16?

Bit of an electricity noob, so any advice is appreciated!

You should be fine. Just note that the Machina does have to boot up each time you connect power to it. Happens very quickly but if you drop power from it you may want to wait a couple seconds to let any power drain out before turning it back on. It can be powered from a USB port so I don’t think your 10A supply will see a noticable and barely measurable drain.