Sending and Receiving Responses


Hey guys!

I’m wondering if the macchina has the ability to accept raw CAN commands and display the response through a terminal.

AKA if I wanted to send some frames to query the VIN, how do I get the response.

I’m familiar with Socketcan and can-utils and am looking to use the M2 as a similar interface.



At this time yes it is possible. But not very obvious. If you use Collin Kidders SavvyCAN program it will allow you to look at the data streaming by and offers some ways to interact with it. There is a method for injecting data into the data stream and there is a terminal where you can directly send and receive.

Also, you can actually connect to the M2 with a standard serial terminal such as Putty or Minicom and talk to it directly. I believe you will see data streaming and I believe you can inject whatever you want into the data stream. It uses the GVRET interface protocol at this time which is what SavvyCAN is designed to connect to.

At the moment there is no SocketCAN or other generic support that I am aware of but I hope to add it with my projects in the future.