Selecting Mode 2 from M2RET Serial Console

Okay, apologies - I’m new to this and I have tried reading a lot of stuff, but there is quite a bit to get through.

I am running M2RET from Colin’s github repo on the M2. I am sending commands to my GM Single Wire via the serial console, such as

These seem to all be sent in Normal mode (mode 3). Is it possible to select a different mode, i.e. Mode 2 (HV Wake Up mode) from the serial console of M2RET? Or would this require modifying/compiling a custom sketch for the M2? I know it is trivial to select different modes using those libraries, but I’d rather not customize something i don’t have to.

On a similar note, has anyone managed to do a full wake up, and other activities, on the Chevy Volt using only M2RET serial console commands?