Seat 2016 6J Ibiza Can Bus Pick away from the OBD


Good Day.

We are trying to connect in to the can bus on the above vehicle as on this vehicle the Can Gate way is now part of the ( Body control Module) BCM. the location of the BCM is very tight and you dont have access to it to add a pair of wires for the installation of OEM PDC.

I have tried the OBD Cables that are the correct colour and we can talk to the PDC module but i don’t believe this is the correct location to tap in to.

Has any one else tried this and or does any one know where else we can tap in to the Can Bus .



I’ve yet to find a way. The only way I can see this working is either buy one from ebay and open it up and solder on wires and then put it back, OR buy one off ebay and do the same and then reprogram it to sync with your car.