SavvyCAN update (again)


Well, M2 users are probably the largest user base for SavvyCAN right now. So, you heard it here first, a new version of SavvyCAN just got released after many months of no updates.

It should be more stable, there’s actual help files now (F1 is your friend), some more features, more file formats for loading and saving, some stuff was fixed that previously was broken. I got a 4K monitor so I tested out font scaling and I can use SC with a 4K monitor now without squinting. Extra secret hush feature - you can connect to SavvyCAN over TCP/IP now. Does this work with the M2? Well, not yet. But it will. So some day you’ll be able to put the thing in your car and connect SavvyCAN wirelessly. This should be possible with the new Macchina ESP32 board that goes on the XBee slot or you could use an XBee wifi module. At the moment you can’t do either so good things come to those who wait.

It might not be a bad idea to install to a different folder than your previous install just in case I did anything dumb. There are a ton of changes and other than me only some people who compiled it themselves have tested these things. YMMV, talk to your doctor before starting SavvyCAN or stopping suddenly, objects may look closer in mirror.


Oh man, this is so cool. :star_struck:


I hope to have something up and running over the next couple months for this to work. I have a couple of the ESP units and getting that up and running will be a top priority. So hopefully this means it will “just work” when I get to that stage.


Hi CollinK

I will experiment with this now.
But can you tell me, would it be possible for SavyCAN to support VAN bus, Lin bus and/or K bus. I am battling with Peugeot 406Coupe a beautiful car but nightmare to convert to EV. Everything internal works with VAN bus, so if i dont start my car engine iheater fan and AC and seat heaters wont work. And if i try to pull the ECU immobiliser locks the car Its a pain…