SavvyCAN enable bus


When I connect to my M2 via USB and launch SavvyCAN, I see a GVRET device in my connection window. It has 3 buses. After a while the speeds are automatically set to 500k,500k and 33.3k respectively. From the speeds, I gather that bus 0 is this GM vehicle’s high speed CAN bus, and bus 2 is the low speed GMLAN single wire comfort CAN bus. I don’t get any traffic from bus 1 (LIN?).

I’m trying to isolate the traffic in the main SavvyCAN windows to a single bus. But it seems that no matter which bus I choose in the connection window (using the “Enable Bus” checkbox), the main windows displays everything. How do I filter on a bus please?

SavvyCAN v199 on MacOS.