React Native A0

Hi Guys,

I’m implementing an application in react native to read the data sent by A0, similar to App Torque.
At first, the connection and pairing worked fine, but the read data is not compatible. Has anyone here on the forum already implemented it in React Native? Below is the log I receive:

LOG {“cmdID”: “ENGINE_RPM”, “cmdName”: “Engine RPM”, “cmdResult”: “3410RPM”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “ENGINE_RUNTIME”, “cmdName”: “Engine Runtime”, “cmdResult”: “410442”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “THROTTLE_POS”, “cmdName”: “Throttle Position”, “cmdResult”: “5,5%”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “REL_THROTTLE_POS”, “cmdName”: “Relative throttle position”, “cmdResult”: “0,8%”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “FUEL_TYPE”, “cmdName”: “Fuel Type”, “cmdResult”: “-”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “FUEL_CONSUMPTION_RATE”, “cmdName”: “Fuel Consumption Rate”, “cmdResult”: “”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “FUEL_LEVEL”, “cmdName”: “Fuel Level”, “cmdResult”: “1,2%”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “ENGINE_OIL_TEMP”, “cmdName”: “Engine oil temperature”, “cmdResult”: “”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “FUEL_PRESSURE”, “cmdName”: “Fuel Pressure”, “cmdResult”: “735kPa”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “AIR_INTAKE_TEMP”, “cmdName”: “Air Intake Temperature”, “cmdResult”: “”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “AMBIENT_AIR_TEMP”, “cmdName”: “Ambient Air Temperature”, “cmdResult”: “”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “ENGINE_COOLANT_TEMP”, “cmdName”: “Engine Coolant Temperature”, “cmdResult”: “34C”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “SPEED”, “cmdName”: “Vehicle Speed”, “cmdResult”: “67km/h”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “Headers disabled”, “cmdName”: “Headers disabled”, “cmdResult”: “410573OK”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “Echo Off”, “cmdName”: “Echo Off”, “cmdResult”: “410D00”}
LOG {“cmdID”: “Headers disabled”, “cmdName”: “Headers disabled”, “cmdResult”: “OK”}

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