Project Idea: Fuel status report to home automation system

My hope is that the fuel level of my vehicle can be read and reported to my home automation system when I park at the end of the day. I don’t live that close to a gas station and have a long commute so finding out in the morning that I need to go out of the way to grab some gas is schedule impacting.

While at it my car (2007 ford escape) has a horrible low gas alert while driving that is easy to miss- so maybe kill two birds with one stone to see if I can improve that with some better audio alerting.

Just to beat everyone to it - I know its not that hard to pay more attention or to not let myself get that low on gas :slight_smile:

Awesome! Sounds we’re doing the same thing!

I live about 10 miles outside of town myself; I keep about 40 gallons of gas on hand and 5 of diesel…So I’ve had an idea like this too. Also, oil changes: tell me (or my home automation, in your case) when I’m low on oil so I don’t have to check my 6 vehicles…basically all routine maintenance.