Project Idea: 10th Gen Civic body controls and info over CAN

I’m planning on using my M2 on my 2016 Civic to sniff out and reuse CAN messages for basic body functions like locking/unlocking doors, starting/stopping the engine, controlling the windows, etc. Then I’m hoping to create an accompanying app to control these features remotely.

I’d also like to put something in there to keep track of fuel level/mileage and sync it with my home server over WiFi when the car is on and within range of my home network and create a web portal to view the data on, but that’s all later down the road!

I also want to explore the possibility of turning “eco” mode on/off via CAN so that it automatically turns off in “sport” mode and turns back on in normal drive mode.

Lastly, I’d like to explore the bus activity for the LKAS and ACC features to see if there’s anything interesting to tinker with there.

Can’t wait to get started!