Problemes and Features for an IOT project

I`m running an IOT project based on M2 and want to discuss the related divices which can help the IOT project.
for connectivity which divices is better?
can I use LTE modem and have GPS data?

There is a cell phone Xbee card available and listed in the showcase. I don’t believe that unit uses a GPS but if you can find another that does have GPS you could possibly use that?

Also not sure if it can use the Cell triangulation to simulate GPS either. There is an external UART port that could be connected to a GPS unit relatively easily.

You are getting into new territory as far as I am aware.

As I want to prepare a product and decrease the cost, must change somethings in PCB design and GPS is really necessary for features which is required.

Thanks for Notification.

The Xbee port has both Uart and a Single wire interface on it so it would be possible to possibly build an XBee interface that could provide both Cell and GPS right on the Xbee port…

Depending on the size of your intended project Macchina MAY be able to help with making devices for you but you will have to contact them directly. There are enough ports available that they may be able to design an add on board to the M2 that allows what you want or possibly build a new processor board with the features you want. Depends on the size of your intended project and what they are willing to do. You will need to contact them directly.