Problem with M2 and SD Card


MS: Cannot initialize the SD card: MS: Card is unusable, try another one
FS: Can’t open 0:/data to write, error code 12
FS: Attempt to write string to a non-open file.
FS: Attempt to close a non-open file.

Trying to use DataLogger_dif. Builds and loads fine but this is the error that I get. I’ve re-formatted the card per the tool specified on your forum. But still doesn’t work. Help please.


What size is this sdcard?


I tried with a 16 and a 32 gig.


If you have a card available that is less than 4gig try it… The format on a <4gig card is different than a 4gig or bigger card and some devices have trouble taking to them. Atleast take that out of the equation.