Problem reading my fiat 500e


Im trying to read the Canbus C (HS-CAN) on pin 6 and 14. It seems to work but my car is like an christmas tree when plugging the macchina in to the socket, i do read a LOT of info… around 2000 id’s a second. (under the dash version).

I have controlled that i have the correct pins, its an propertarian fiat outlet. Reading with 500kbit speed which should be correct? Using macchina m2 with m2ret and savvycan. I have also put the savvy to read only and only reading on can0 = which should be 6 and 14.

Ive also tried another (few years older) car it seems a little bit less sensitive but still a lot things blinking and disturbed. Very frustrating!

I only want to read canbus id’s for reverse engineering and in future send commands.

What am i doing wrong?


I’m not very experienced with SavvyCAN but that just looks to be the traffic on the Fiat’s CAN. There is a lot of data transmitted on the bus & it can become difficult to pinpoint or discover particular signals. Is there something in particular you’re trying to reverse engineer?


Have you made sure you aren’t connected to other buses at the same time? It should be able to connect without disturbing the bus. I’ve heard some other reports of this sort of thing happening to people. But, lots of people have been using M2’s for all sorts of things and most of us aren’t getting bus errors when we do so. But, if you could maybe accidentally be connected to a secondary bus at the wrong speed then that might explain the christmas tree effect.

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Yes, a lot of info but still manageble. Im new to this aswell, but the most of the data feels logic. I just dont understand why it’s going crazy just by plugging the m2 to the socket.

I’m trying to find all battery data of the ev for an coming project as I want to implement chademo charging on the fiat 500e.


The first times I probably had all busses on. But after I read a little more I inactivated everything besides can0 but I have the same problem still. I’ve checked that the high speed can goes at 500k speed as in the workshop book says.

Could it be something else as I get pretty much the same problem plugging it in to a Land Rover (my other car).

Looks like the savvy sends “write to serial: f1 9” and gets answer “got data from serial: len 4 = f1 9 de ad” all the time fuzzing the bus? Is it supposed to do this?

If that’s not the problem, where in the sketch could I hard-inactivate all busses besides can0?


F1 09 is a keep alive message to the M2 and F1 09 DE AD is the reply from the M2. I thought I was funny so an alive board sends DEAD over and over to prove it’s alive. But, then again, I am a kidder.

The M2 should have a serial console you can access with any terminal software. When you plug it in you can get a console on the serial port and see if CAN1 is enabled. You need to send line endings for your commands. Send ? followed by a line ending to get a help screen.

It is possible that the M2 has functionality enabled on some pins that conflict with your vehicles. It seems to work great on GM vehicles as their OBDII port is configured just like the M2. If you’re having problems you might try an OBDII breakout board to make sure you can only hook up the signals you need. Otherwise I don’t know why it would make your vehicles mad when you plug it in.