Possibility of 24V power supply?


Hello together,
A basic question but I just spent some time reading the technical data of the M2 and searching here in the forum and did not find anything related.
It looks like the M2 can only deal with max 12V power supply.
Is there a possibility to use it with 24V power supply, even with some hardware adaptations? Already some successful tests?
I am looking for a solution to be able to connect to industrial equipment with 24V OBD connector.
Regards, Daniboum


M2 uses the TPS54328 switcher (with a max input voltage of 18V), so a 24V input voltage would trip the over-voltage protection circuitry (at around 17V).

Here is a link to the schematic:


If you’d be interested in some custom hardware design, shoot me a PM and we can discuss more.