Polarity Marker on Top and Bottom Board

I received my macchina early this week. First thing I did was to take it apart. Now I am not sure which orientation is correct and do not want to risk blowing up the system. I believe this will be a common mistake and should be corrected in the final design. I would recommend at least a pin 1 marker on each board. If not a polka yoke version that cannot plug in wrong. What do you think?

Good call. Whether it be a marking or Poka-yoke (I had to look up the spelling on that one), we need something. We’ll add to the known-issue/fix on next rev list.

I’ll post a picture in this thread, but for now: the USB side of the Processor board would be on top of the 26 pin Molex connector. This would only be an issue for the UTH version as the OBD2 connector prevents the Processor board to be plugged in backwards for the UTD version. Thanks for the suggestion!

Another one to add to the Poka-yoke
A clear definition for PIN 1 of the XBee Socket.
As it stands now unless the end user takes the time to identify the J4 socket the XBee device could be plugged in the wrong way around.
Regards Tony