PocketBeagle Experiment


We have been experimenting with using the new PocketBeagle as a optional processor board. More about the project can be found here. For now let’s try to keep the conversation in one place (the beagleboard forum). We have a limited number of beta boards. Active developers will get priority.


Oh thanks.Nice sharing.


Please note I hope to work with this in parallel with my other work on the stock M2 device. There are some projects out there that can really benefit from this setup. However my work on this device will get the protocols to work in a full Lawicel 2.0 environment so in theory should be simpler to do since I will just be expanding software already in place.

I don’t already have one but hopefully will get one shortly.


Thanks for digging up this topic and posting over there. I’m thinking once it goes up in our store we will have to move some of the discussion over here.

We are just putting some final touches on it, you know like naming it. We will get you one.