PCM output for IR transmitter

I need to add IR transmission to my program to execute certain commands on a radio that are not available as existing buttons on the radio. There is a good library, Arduino-IRremote-Due that works with the DUE platform, but I’m not sure how to adapt it to the M2 PWM output options. It looks to me like only the BETA supported PCM on the 12V interface, and the pins the library usually uses are allocated to the other interfaces in the M2. If it matters, I’m only using the J1850 interface in the project. I hoped to use the XBEE_PWM, but mapping the library to it is eluding me. Any suggestions for an accessible PWM output that I can map the library to, or another option like bit-banging the IR pulse train? It’s only one sequence that I need to send… Thanks in advance!

I figured it out. :smile: Despite not supporting PCM on the non-B interface board, the pins are still supported on the processor board. Using PWM0 and pin 7 of J1 works fine, I just need to sort out a reliable way to connect to that signal.