Patron Program: Dollars for Devs

The Patron Program was one of the bigger experiments of our Kickstarter campaign. We gave people the option to pay more for our hardware in order to support open source developers. We were impressed with how many people got on-board with this new idea!

A total of 227 people donated $10, raising a total of $2,270. Macchina has decided to match this donation, increasing the total prize money pool to $4,540!

How will winners be selected?

In order to reward developers that started working right away, we will award half of the prize money ($2,270) in August. We will award the other half of the prize money in November, giving developers who are waiting on hardware a chance to get involved in the next round. For the first August round, backers of the Patron Program will be given a list of developer’s projects to pick from. The prize pool will be distributed in proportion to the voting results. For the second November round, we will create a survey on the website and distribute the award money the same way. We are actively looking for new ways to raise money for developers to maintain this initiative in the future.

How do you enter?
Create a Development Project topic here on the forum and let everyone know what you are up to if you haven’t already. These will be the same topics we will be using to decide who gets free Release Hardware as part of the ongoing Developer Program. Post whatever you have–pictures, code, future plans, etc. Yes you can enter both rounds of voting.

Who can enter?
Anyone. People who are part of the Developer Program probably have an advantage since they got to work with the hardware ahead of time. But don’t let that stop you–if you are working on something that is beneficial to the community, let everyone know.

What is the deadline?
In order to be included in the vote for the first round, you will need get something posted on the forum by 11:59 pm on Monday, July 31th (CST). The second round will close at the end of November; we will provide more details then.

Does my project need to be Open Source and public?
Yes. Macchina is committed to maintaining transparency in our developer community.

Here is the list of Projects that will be included in the first vote:

@T_doust: Projects: Adding M2_WIFI/BTE support to M2RET Status: releasing Beta soon, M2 Arduino variant files, Status: Intial release,

@CollinK : Projects: SavvyCan, M2RET, due_can library, Autobaud code, countless others. Status: many complete projects.

If you are not on the list, please comment or pm me with a link to your topic.