P1 software support


Well I bought a P1 and going to start tinkering around with it. Does anyone have one of these devices yet?

I want to get to know this device before my current school term finishes so I can try and be up to speed on it. Currently this device should work with the canbus ports as is if I understand correctly with just about any linux based CANBUS tool.

My initial intent is to fork the SocketCAN system module and add support for the other protocols and likely call it something different such as SocketOBD. Will also require the updating of some software to support the additional functionality. My intent is that this new module will be able to replace the current SocketCAN interface but will be backwards compatible with it.

For those not familiar with the P1, it basically is a new Processor board that can be used with the protocol board that the M2 uses. It consists of an adapter board that allows a PocketBeagle to be connected to the protocol board. This adapter board also has a USB port to allow a WiFi module to be included. So as it sits, the P1 is a linux based unit that is slightly thicker than the original M2 but barely.

At this stage I will be just getting the source tree up and running so I can make my own OS card from scratch. Then start looking at the SocketCAN software and how it is setup.



I have a P1 and i am really satisfied with it. It came with Ubuntu preinstalled, and because i was lazy i havent modified it much. The CAN-Interfaces work out of the box, however one of the LINs need some hardware mod. All in all i am satisfied, its a great tool for figuring out how your car work.