P1 Case? (vs cut M2 Case)

Does anyone have a P1 case or design for one?

I bought an M2 Case, thinking it would fit the P1.
After some time with a hacksaw and file, I got it to fit.

Nice! I love the determination. Looks like we are thinking along the same lines.

How about we send you the new P1 case? We will be launching this in the next week or two.


@ecsharpe That would be awesome.

How much would that be going for? I was just literally trying to find a case for the P1 just now. Can you share the release date? Want to make sure I pick one up before they sell out. Is it going to be UTD or UTH, or will both be available?

I don’t have an exact date yet. Send us an email at info@macchina.cc next week, we should have a few by then. Not sure of the price yet as I haven’t seen the final cost. I would expect it to be close to the M2 case though. UTD will be first, eventually both.

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