OBDII connector powering M2

Hi, now I’m a bit confused!
During writing and uploading the software for the M2 it has been powered by the USB port. Now I thought I just go testing it on the OBDII port. But it doesn’t power up! I’ve also got a ELM327 adapter plugged in via an Y-adapter. That work perfectly but not the M2. Did I miss something?
What can I do?

I found the reason by myself: Only pin 4 of the OBDII connector on my car is connected. Pin 5 is open and it seems M2 needs that pin as well. Would it be ok to bridge these 2 pins on the M2?

I would suggest doing it in the wire instead of on the M2. If you do it in the M2 you could potentially damage the unit. Most underdash connectors can have pins added to them. I would suggest that the best solution would be to go to your under dash plug, add the second pin and connect the wires together. This solution would work no mater what you have plugged in. If you feel confident in your soldering capabilities then I would say go ahead with extreme caution. But I cringe when someone wants to make these types of modifications to a piece of electronics. If you screw up the plug you just get a new plug.

I would prefer adding the missing pin to the socket on the car side, but the metal terminal is left out and I really don’t know where to get those. I found female OBDII sockets as spare parts but I can’t figure out whether the terminals fit in my socket. Replacing the whole socket isn’t an option.