Need a Macchina M2

Hi there,
I need urgently a Macchina M2.
I already have one and it’s absoltuely perfect for my needs (LIN-Bus hacking in my car).
For a new project I need an additional one, but unfortunately stock seems to be empty.
Can anyone help me, please?
Thank you in advance

Hi I have one UTD M2 including casing, but I am in Germany.


Hi Alex,
oh, an UTD M2 would be perfect and I’m in Germany too!
So, if you want to sell I’m interested. :slight_smile:
Any idea how can we do it?


Hi Steffen,

We can do it as usual. Payment via PayPal if you have it or Bank transfer. Let me make some pictures for you to ensure that it is what you need.

I also need your Address and can send it to you via DHL ensured package.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alexander Scherbakov

PS: I speak German and you can call me 0157-58503389