Macchina-J2534 (J2534 driver for the M2 and A0)


Macchina-J2534 is a cross platform, open source J2534 driver for the Macchina M2 and Macchina A0, written in Rust.

It even has experimental support for Linux and MacOSX, however currently only OpenVehicleDiag can utilize this extra functionality. This is because the J2534 API only officially supports Windows x86.

This is an early beta, see the feature matrix below for what works and what doesn’t


Usually, OEM diagnostic applications utilize a host of diagnostic adapters, including proprietary ones. However a common API does exist called J2534 which allows 3rd party adapters to talk to diagnostic applications. The J2534 API can be utilized on the following OEM diagnostic software (More do exist, but I haven’t tested):

  • Xentry Passthru
  • INPA (With Passthru patch)
  • Toyota techstream

This driver therefore allows the Macchina A0 and M2 to be utilized by these applications and many more!

Capability checklist

Capabilities marked as “N/A” are due to the device not having the physical hardware required to support the protocol.

J2534 Capability M2 A0
Voltage reading Yes Yes
CAN Yes Yes
ISO-TP Yes Yes
J1850 TODO N/A
ISO14230 WIP N/A

How to install

Check the code repository for more details on how to install the driver and device firmware.

Demonstration videos

Check out my playlist!


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