Macchina accounts - cannot change email address


Until now I have been logging in with my email address and password (let’s say, ).

I wanted to change my email address, so I went to Account | Edit, by browser auto completed the password and i edited my email address to and clicked save.

The green banner at the top confirmed the changes had been made. But my email address was still displayed as

Tried again - same result.

Logged out. Then tried to log back in. Couldn’t log in with either email address (!!!)

Managed to guess my username (FirstnameSurname)and logged in. Went to account | edit and my email address is now displayed as FirstnameSurname.

This means

  1. the UI has accepted an invalid email address
  2. You cannot email me stuff - like password resets
  3. the ‘change email’ function is broken.

(Mac OSX 10.13.3 High Sierra, Safari 11.0.3)



(Please could you email me at my original email address - if you still have access to it in your database - once fixed? Otherwise ill watch here for updates)

Hi Jeff,

It looks like your email has been changed in the single sign on, but the change hasn’t made it all the way through to your discourse account. We will look into this. Thanks for the feedback.

best, ecs