M2 under the hood connecting to ScanTool 602201 ECUsim 2000 ECU CAN Simulator


Hi guys,
I got myself a ScanTool ECU simulator to be able to test stuff from my desk. I connected an ELM327 bluetooth to the simulator to test and it does work with my android app. I can see when I turn the knob the speed for example changes.
then I connected my M2 to 12V, ground, Can high and CAN low pins of the simulator to test and nothing!
SavvyCan is showing no traffic.
I also flashed the CAN_AutoBaud into my M2 and all I can see in the Serial Monitor is:
Doing Auto Baud scan on CAN0
Doing Auto Baud scan on CAN1

and then nothing.

I checked the voltage on ground and 12V and also can high and low are showing 2.5V
I also switched the can high and low around to see maybe it works. still nothing.

any ideas?


Try adding a 120 ohm resistor between the CANHI and CANLO lines. I do not have any experience with that particular unit but I know I had to do that when dealing with other boards.


Thanks. tried it, but didn’t work :frowning:


Get a Y cable for your ODBII and connect both your ELM module and your M2 and see what traffic you see. It is possible you need a “keep awake” command sent out. Not knowing your simulator I wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure. I had to do that with mine though. Once I was able to have traffic I knew was going on I could see it with the M2.


I did that experiment, ELM is lit like Christmas tree and I can see data on my phone, but nothing from M2 on the monitor.


Probably should have asked a couple other questions too… What version of the M2 are you using and have you installed the firmware into your M2?

The units as far as I know don’t come with firmware preinstalled. The easiest way to install the firmware is to download the binary that Collin provides on his web site.


Am I missing something here?
I uploaded a sketch from Arduino IDE to the board on M2 using a micro USB cable.
Am i supposed to upload a firmware to the board underneath too?


Board underneath is an interface only board. If you uploaded the firmware to your Processor board you should be golden. I would try connecting to a regular vehicle and double check if it is working for you or not. If it is not working it is possible maybe you don’t have the correct firmware or something.