M2+SavvyCAN with Mercedes Vito 2007


I purchased an M2 (UTD) in 2017 and added a WiFi XBEE. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it before now. I am trying to run SavvyCAN on Mac OSX 10.15.2. As in the instructions “M2 and SavvyCAN, the Basics”, I can connect SavvyCAN to the M2 and can run fuzzing. When I connect the M2 to my Mercedes Vito 2007, I don’t see any traffic.

I installed M2RET from the source, and that seems to indicate version 344. I was not able to run M2RET_Flash to install version 345 - when I attempt to do so, I get the response:
line 6: ./bossac: Bad CPU type in executable

I also have an ELM327 with a WiFi interface and that works fine with the Vito.

Any suggestions on how to make progress?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Chuckle,

Everything is normal, on Mercedes, there is no traffic on the OBD port. Your ELM is sending OBD II commands, on which the ECU reply.

You can try some UDS commands too, like tester present to find which Arbitration Id you can fuzz. To help you, Mercedes do not use standard UDS Arbitration IDs 0x7DF - 0x7E7). With SaavyCan you can set the range to lower addresses, around 0x300 is a good start if my memory is good.

Another good way to start is to get a OBD splicer, to connect your ELM and read what is happening with SaavyCan. It will help you to understand the OBD protocol.


Welcome to the frustrating world of Mercedes-Benz :slight_smile:
UDS scanner never really works for me and in some cases has caused issues with the rear SAM module whereby I had to remove all batteries and do a hard reset to get the SAM back.

The bad CPU type is sadly 10.15, which no longer supports 32-bit executables. For those messing with hardware, 10.15 is not advisable at all. A workaround would be to grab the 64-bit binary of https://github.com/shumatech/BOSSA/releases and replace the one in the M2RET folder oh and update your Arduino if you haven’t already.

If that all works, then the next hurdle is waking up the CAN and connecting to the right CAN network. On your model there are four:

  • powertrain/chassis M-CAN (ISO CAN C high speed)
  • interior (body) I-CAN (ISO CAN B low speed)
  • diagnosis D-CAN (high speed proprietary MB protocol)
  • Digital Media Bus for radio/navigation system (MOST).

On your model, you have

which can be found at

wiring is

A friendly warning (trust me) DO NOT FUZZ!!! the SAMs do not like this and you may brick yours as i’ve done in the past.