M2 interface to open rear liftgate via CANBUS

Looking for an opinion on using M2 as an interface to open rear vehicle liftgate via CANBUS. Background: We are building/redesigning a 1946 short school bus with a liftgate rear door. The design utilizes the liftgate components from 2013 Pathfinder. The M2, a Windows PC and SavvyCAN was successfully utilized hack the rear door computer. Currently we can open and close the door using the PC, CANBUS codes and the SavvyCAN Playback feature. Ultimately we want to replace the PC with a physical switch and potentially a remote control device to open/close the liftgate. Can this be done with M2+Accessories+Software development. Any direction would be appreciated.


That sounds doable to me. I would slowly try to eliminate the noise in the replay file and find out exactly what messages you need to send. While it is tedious, process of elimination might be your easiest bet.

Once you have that simplified look for examples of how to send these CAN messages with arduino. Check this forum, google, and r/carhacking

Thank you for the feedback, we are on the same wavelength and track with eliminating the noise and finding Arduino examples. Regarding the noise, we have done Extensive testing and have a clear understanding of the which messages, repetition and intervals required to open the door. The M2 and SavvyCan was instrumental in reaching this level. Locating credible Arduino send examples and my limited programming experience has made reaching the next objective difficult but I’m confident that we’ll be able to develop a program that opens the door. The final step is incorporating a physical switch and potentially a remote control device with the program to open/close the door. I’m guessing we can achieve the remote control objective by integrating the SuperB with the M2. Can a physical/momentary switch be incorporated into the M2 to invoke the send program? Your feedback is appreciated.

Yeah that should be possible.