M2, GVRET, and SavvyCan on 125k baud?


Hi all, first post here from a mechanic starting a new project…I only mention that as I’m reaally NOT a coder :sweat_smile:

Right, I have an M2, fresh GVRET build and fresh SavvyCan install on windows 10; the car I’m connecting to has a 500k HS and a 125k MS CAN, both of which I would like to read.

Everything suggests my set up should do this no problem…

I use the connection window in SavvyCan to connect to the M2, does this no problem and lists 3 buses, I select and enable can0 as 500k, and can1 as 125k.

But I only get packets from bus/can0 on the screen when connected.

The bus speeds are definitely correct (checked with Picoscope) and there is definitely traffic at the DLC connector on both buses - again, scoped.

Any ideas where I can go next?

Thanks everyone,



Maybe make sure that SavvyCAN really set the speed properly. In the past I know sometimes it would not work. I thought that speed setting was better now but still perhaps there could be an issue. You might try connecting to the M2 directly. Do you have the Arduino IDE or a serial terminal program? M2RET presents itself as a serial port so you can connect to it and type ? followed by a line ending (so enable some sort of line ending in either the IDE or the serial program) and you will get a menu. In that menu make sure that the second port is really set for 125000. It ought to be but it can’t hurt to check. Then try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Sometimes that can reset things too.


Hi Colin and thank you for your input!

Yes I’m using Arduino IDE to upload to the m2…I’ll try the menu and check the second port speed,

Thanks again


Fixed - erased and reset the M2, the reflashed with M2RET again…works great - thanks for your time Colin :slight_smile: