Lin Bus Sniffer problems... M2 Ford Macchina M2 UTD

I’m trying to listen to the LIN BUS on a Ford product.

|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ | 12V ------------------------- OBD pin 16 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
| vehicle | LIN ---------------------------- OBD pin 7| m2 UTD |
| _______| GND -------------------------- OBD pin 5| _______|

I used a Saleae logic analizer to look at the signal and it’s 10417 not 19,200 like in the current header file.

I noticed in the header file comments had the 10417 rate so I went back in time on github to and earlier version of the lin_stack.cpp and lin_stack.h

“Latest commit936a432 on Aug 17, 2017”

When it first boots, and I move the seat to generate a signal , it says Traffic detected!

"Traffic detected!
Synch Byte: 0
Ident Byte: 0
Data Byte1: 0
Data Byte2: 0
Data Byte3: 0
Data Byte4: 0
Data Byte5: 0
Check Byte: 0

It does it once and then never again until reboot.

I’d appreciate any help as to what I am doing wrong.

Thanks -Ben