Just received A0,,,,Dead on Arrival?

I just opened my AO I received from SparkFun
it does not power up when plugged into my obd port, no green light, no wife or Bluetooth discovery.
It does not power up when hooked to a power supply on pin 16 and ground on pins 4,5. no green light no wifi or Bluetooth discovery.
it powers up with a green LED and shows “A0RETSSID” on wifi only when connected with a usb cable, no Bluetooth discovery.
In the windows device manager, it shows a “CP2104 USB to UART Bridge Controller” with no driver
I Have not tried to do anything else yet

do I have a defective A0?
was it not preprogrammed?


Macchina support responded to my message I sent to them on this the same evening I posted here and said they would get a replacement sent out with a return tag so they can troubleshoot it.

Just got word my programmed and tested replacement is going in the mail today.

I’m Glad I reached out to macchina directly instead of returning the A0 to sparkfun and being SOL since they are out of stock now. Had Sparkfun had stock I would have done the regular merchandise return process.

Got the new one plugged it in and it does not power up…
Turns out my car has a single fuse for the data plug, that in my previous shenanigans, had popped and didn’t know it. thinking back I suspect my power supply current limit may have been turned all the way down to min.

the original A0 is OK,It was operator error,
I feel silly.